This is the theology blog of Michael Mlekoday, a university student living and praying in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I’m currently finishing up my English major at the University of Minnesota and studying theology mostly on my own time.

I’m somewhere between a cradle Catholic and a convert.  I was raised by my single mother, who was loosely Protestant and non-practicing, but I spent a significant amount of time with my father and my Polish grandparents.  I decided to get baptized when I was 12 (and was allowed to receive First Communion and Confirmation at the same time), and left the Church shortly thereafter.  I spent a number of years flirting with atheism, existentialism, pantheism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism, before ultimately coming back to the Catholic Church in 2007.

All those facts about me impact my theological thinking in interesting ways.  My natural interest is in liberation theology and the radical nature of Christian praxis. However, as a Polish-American I am often interested in traditional piety and Mariology, and as a convert who has just recently come back to the Church, I sometimes feel unqualified or uncomfortable dissenting against orthodoxy in any way–as if my one small disagreement with the Hierarchy will ignite a chain of disagreements until I can no longer call myself Catholic.

As a student at a public university, I don’t get to take many theology courses, so this blog is where I will do most of my theology work.  So far, my interests and influences include: Soren Kierkegaard, Thomas Merton, Gustavo Gutierrez, Jon Sobrino, Oscar Romero, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Johann Baptist Metz, Pope John XIII, Pope John Paul II, Emil Fackenheim, Irving Greenberg, Melissa Raphael, William Cavanaugh, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, & David Tracy.

I am also a writer, performance poet, and musician.  I like beer and wine and coffee; hiphop and punk rock; ice hockey and comic books.  In other words, I work hard to closet my bookworminess.


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